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More free time, more money, more self-confidence and confidence in tomorrow.
If you like to overcome problems when gaining your own experience – well, we wish you success in this noble and difficult, but dubious matter. If you prefer to climb the mountain (for example, a career ladder) at higher speeds and without unnecessary stops, it is better to do this by clinging to the "ledges" that the pioneers have already made.
Learn from those who have already experienced it. You believe that you are the one and only, but there is sure to be someone who had the same dream before you and, perhaps, left signs that will help you in your ascent - a ledge to tie a rope, a crevice to drive a hook, etc. The way is yours, so is the responsibility, but don’t forget that the experience of others can help a lot.
List and schedule of seminars
Are you the one who prudently uses the existing experience?
Trainings, conferences and master classes are held according to innovative training programs that allow you to "upgrade" yourself and your business, achieving real success.
You will learn a lot of new, but already practically proven secrets, advanced developments, strategies and tactics. In general, you will learn how to improve all the factors that directly and indirectly affect the development of you and your business.

The range of seminars includes thematic and integrated interactive business coaching for entrepreneurs whose business is at different stages of development. In general, this is training for people who want to be successful IN EVERYTHING.

The main goal of the training is to help you find your own secret of well-being so that you and your family live and work for yourself with PLEASURE.
Seminars are what distinguishes between hobbies and money. You spend money on a hobby, and you earn it from a professional activity. The seminar is a step towards professional activity. This is a step into the world for you to earn money, to live well, to receive passive income, give business to your children..."
Alexey Khitrov
Who holds seminars?
Training with Life is Good brings real results in the form of insight and stable cash flow.
Firstly, because not just professionals work with you, but practitioners-entrepreneurs who have achieved impressive personal success and are ready to share their secrets with others.
“Learn from the best. Find mentors and trainers. Surround yourself only with people who will pull you higher. Life is already full of those who want to pull you down."
Oprah Winfrey
You will be trained on the basis of a licensed International Business Academy (IBA). The teachers, business coaches, business consultants of the Academy are the real owners and directors of enterprises, as well as specialists from consulting agencies who personally tested the offered methods, strategies and technologies.
We offer you author's methods that have no analogues, from people who have achieved success in life
Secondly, because you have to put all this into practice, not just listen and dream, but introduce it in a specific sequence and present the result.
Who should attend programmes and seminars?
Some of the seminars are of a "general nature" and are addressed to everyone, for example, programs of personal growth, improving financial literacy, teaching oratory skills and the art of sales. All this is extremely crucial for any business.
"You have to change.
We cannot become what we want to become, remaining the same as we are.
In order to have more, you must become more. Nothing will change in your life until you begin to grow. What do you do every day for growth and change? If you do not change, you cannot expect changes from life. To the extent that you are changing, your life is changing. If you continue to do what you always did, you will continue to get the results that you always received. Expecting something else would be crazy."
Oprah Winfrey
Such programs will be extremely useful and effective for everyone involved in or planning to do business, for those who need to understand the personnel management process, work on attracting customers and optimize business processes.
We will help you "upgrading" the following topics:

• marketing and attracting new customers;
• work with regular clients;
• clients and customers: responsiveness and turnaround, work with objections;
• self-discipline and personal effectiveness of a Manager;
• work with subordinates – their motivation and responsibility;
• preparing and conducting special events (campaigns, presentations, etc.).
These are complex programs or topical conferences dedicated to specific issues and problems in business.

These are also programs developed or tailored to a specific audience. For example, to entrepreneurs who have already reached a certain level (with the appropriate turnover and profit, the number of customers and subordinates, experience, etc.).

Special trainings are developed for beginning entrepreneurs (consultants) who have just started their own business or are going to do it. In this case, thanks to a special program, you can understand the basics and put things in order in all areas of your future or "young" business and create a solid foundation for a quick start and successful development of your enterprise.
Training description
At seminars, trainings and conferences, you will get clear recommendations, hear amazing stories about how and with what business begins, what mistakes newcomers make and how professionals act. You will personally be able to meet and chat with established businessmen who will help you find answers to many questions, avoid mistakes and abandon unnecessary experiments.
Studying at the IBA, International Business Academy, is a close collaboration with experts, meetings and personal communication in comfortable conditions, using specially designed teaching aids and modern technical means.
Special guests from different countries are invited to all trainings – these are successful people who are ready to share the secrets of their business achievements in all details. You will have such coaches and speakers that others can only dream of!
Will there be theoretical trainings?
Yes (for example, so that newcomers can deal with business processes and the adjustment of the functional structure), but very few. The main emphasis in all programs is on practical exercises, so that each student immediately after the training can realize the ideas they were taught without dealing with boring notes.
The goal of each seminar is to get new relevant knowledge, adrenaline and drive, higher motivation so that you can immediately benefit from the new recommendations. So that you can enjoy your work and, of course, gt PROFIT.
At seminars, you can and should get to know each other, ask questions, complete tasks and write reports, discuss topics that concern you with coaches and other students. These are interactive events, pleasant and productive communications.
"Money comes to you through other people.
Communicate! Unsociable people rarely become rich!"
John Rockefeller
Training results?
Any affair, any business is first and foremost work. Even if this is a favorite work, a person eventually gets tired, becomes disenchanted, drags into a routine – generally speaking, loses motivation.
That is why it is necessary periodically to:• change the situation;
• gain new knowledge and emotions;• make new friend;• get a light "kick";• break away from the routine.
This is the only way to motivate yourself to continuously work on your business, to develop it and INCREASE your income. Trainings at the IBA International Business Academy held in a very comfortable and friendly format, simultaneously offer all this.
You can go towards your goal slowly, with titanic efforts. But we are not masochists, are we? Today, many high and seemingly unattainable levels can be reached much easier and faster. For this, we need new technologies, techniques and ways of interacting with buyers, customers, partners.
Continuous training and communication with colleagues, business owners and real millionaires is the best way to motivate yourself and generally keep up with pace.
Specifically Specifically, each seminar offers:• access to unique classes (programs) from the best business coaches in the world;
• a new brick in the foundation of your business;• step-by-step instruction on what to do next or how to solve a specific problem;• innovative ideas for creating individual business development strategies;• detailed recommendations on how, what, where and with whom to do to make good money;
• the opportunity to learn how to revive your business;• the opportunity to learn and gain get the most relevant knowledge without interrupting the business process;• personal communication with successful people;• and, most importantly, the opportunity to INCREASE your income at times by introducing the acquired knowledge.
"Create the business system and enjoy your earned money"
John Rockefeller
You should abandon everything and sign up for a seminar if...

• You feel like a tired hamster in a spinning wheel. As soon as you leave your work/business unattained for at least 1 day, problems begin right there.
• You are developing without a goal, without a system, "with the flow", so the material and moral pleasure of work is just as low as zero.
• You are stuck, or rather bogged down in a zone of dubious comfort and are just afraid to leave this quiet but completely unpromising harbor.
• You have absolutely no (or too little) time left for your personal life, family and hobbies. Work takes all the time.
• You do not know how or do not want to delegate responsibilities in your structure, you are used to doing all the work for everyone, and you control every step of your subordinates.
• You are not sure about the future of your business.
• You have lost the "fuse" and there is no place to draw inspiration for new achievements.
• You just want to earn 2, 3, 5, or 10 times more.
• Success, freedom, prosperity – all this will not be told anywhere else like at the seminars of the IBA International Business Academy. Use, implement, grow!
The most important thing that every student of the Academy takes out after the seminar is unique knowledge, a whole case of effective tools for making money and inner satisfaction with yourself and your own business. In addition, all participants get an official document (diploma, certificate) confirming passing business coaching.
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