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    Life is Good - seminars: more free time, more money, more confidence in yourself and the future.

    If you like to bump during "the gathering" and the accumulation of their own experience – well, we wish you success in this noble and difficult, but doubtful. Well, if you prefer to climb the mountain (for example, for the same career ladder) at higher speeds and without unnecessary stops, better to do it by clinging to "the ledges", which has left the pioneers.

    Learn from those who have already come here. You think you're the one and only, but be sure to find whoever you harbored the same dream and, perhaps, have left signs that will help you in your ascent — lug in which it is convenient to catch the rope, cleft, where you can put a hook and stuff. The path is yours, the responsibility is on you, but don't forget that the experience of others can help a lot.

    A list and schedule of workshops Life is Good

    You are one of those who wisely uses the existing experience?
    Then welcome to a unique company seminars Life is Good!
    Grow yourself and grow your business,
    exploiting the powerful tools offered by experts.

    Trainings, conferences and workshops conducted by innovative training programs that allow you to "pump" yourself and your business, achieving real success.

    You will learn a lot of new, but already proven secrets, get acquainted with best practices, strategies and tactics – learn how to improve all of the factors directly and indirectly influencing the development of you personally and your business

    In the "range" of seminars and thematic, integrated, interactive business coaching for entrepreneurs, whose business is at different stages of development. In General, this training is for people who want to be successful IN EVERYTHING.

    The main objective of the training is to help you to find your own secret prosperity to you and your family lived and worked.

    "The seminars is what differentiates a hobby and money. On a hobby you spend money, and career, you earn them. The seminar is a step towards professional activity. It's a step in the world that will allow you to earn money, will allow you to live well, will allow you to receive passive income, to transfer the business to my children..."
    Alexey Khitrov

    Who does the training?

    Learning from Life is Good gives real results in the form of "enlightenment" and stable cash flow.

    First, because you are not just professionals, and practices of entrepreneurs who have achieved significant personal success and willing to share their secrets with others.

    "Learn from the best. Find mentors and coaches. Surround yourself with people who will pull you higher. Just life is already full of those who want to drag you down"
    Oprah Winfrey

    You will be trained on the basis of licensed International Business Academy IBA. Teachers, business coaches, business consultants of the Academy are the real owners and Directors of companies and also specialists consulting agencies, personally presents tested methods, strategies and technologies.

    You will be presented with the authors ' methodology, unparalleled, from people who have achieved success in life.

    Secondly, because you will have to implement all of it in practice, not just listen and dream, and to implement in a specific sequence and present the result.

    Who should attend programmes and seminars?

    Part of the seminars are "General in nature" and are addressed to everyone, for example, personal development programs, financial literacy, training, public speaking and the art of sales. All is paramount for any business.

    "You have to change.
    We can't become who I want to be by remaining who we are.
    In order to have more you must become more. Nothing will change in your life until you begin to grow. What you do every day for the sake of growth and change? If you don't change, you can't expect changes from life. To the extent in which change you, you change your life. If you keep doing what you always did, you will continue to get the results we've always gotten. To expect anything else would be madness"
    Oprah Winfrey

    Such programs are extremely useful and effective for anyone involved or planning to do business, those who need to understand the process of personnel management, to work hard to attract customers and optimize business processes.

    You will help to "pump" the following:
    • marketing and attracting new customers;
    • work with regular clients;
    • clients and customers: responsiveness and turnaround, work with objections;
    • self-discipline and personal effectiveness of a Manager;
    • work with subordinates – their motivation and responsibility;
    • preparing and conducting special events (campaigns, presentations, etc.).

    This integrated programme or thematic conferences on specific issues and problems in business.

    It also programs developed or customized for a specific audience. For example, entrepreneurs that have already reached a certain level (with the appropriate turnover and profit, number of customers and employees, "experience", etc.).

    Special trainings are created for novice entrepreneurs (consultants) who have just opened your business or intend to do. In this case, thanks to a special program you will be able to understand the nuts and bolts and put things in order in all spheres of their future or "young" business and create a solid Foundation for the rapid launch and successful development of their offspring.

    What is the process?

    At the seminars, trainings and conferences you will receive clear recommendations, you will hear amazing stories about how and how to start a business, what mistakes are made by beginners and how are the pros. You will be able to meet and talk with experienced business people who will help you find answers to many questions, to avoid errors and to eliminate unnecessary experiments.

    Training at the International Business Academy IBA is the close collaboration with experts, meetings and personal communication in a comfortable environment, using specially designed teaching AIDS and modern technology.

    All trainings are invited special guests from different countries are successful people who are ready in all details to share secrets of their business achievements. You'll have these coaches and speakers that others can only dream of!

    Will the theory?

    (For example, to ensure that newcomers can deal with the business processes and the detuning of the functional structure), but very little. The main emphasis in all programs is on practical lessons to each student immediately after the training were able to implement the received ideas, and not delve into the boring records.

    The goal of each workshop is to generate new relevant knowledge, healthy adrenaline and drive, increased motivation, so you immediately can derive real benefits from the new recommendations. So you can get pleasure from their work and, of course, PROFIT.

    The seminars can and should learn, ask questions, complete assignments and write reports, discuss with coaches and other students exciting topics. This is an interactive event, enjoyable and productive communication.

    "Money comes to you through other people.
    Communicate! Unsociable people rarely become rich!"
    John Rockefeller

    What does the training?

    Any business, any business is primarily work. Even if it's my favorite work, people eventually get tired, raskalivaetsa, tightened into a routine – in General, loses motivation.

    That is why periodically you need to:
    • to change the situation;
    • to gain new knowledge and emotions;
    • make new friends;
    • to get an easy "kick";
    • to break away from routine.

    The only way to motivate yourself to continuous working on your business for its development and INCREASE their profits. Training at the International Business Academy IBA , which are held in a very comfortable and friendly format, give it all at the same time.

    To set goals you can go slowly, with Herculean effort. But we're not masochists, right? Today, many high and unattainable at first glance, the slats can be overcome much easier and faster. This requires new technologies, techniques and ways of interacting with customers, clients, partners.

    Ongoing training and communication with colleagues, business owners and real millionaires is the best way to motivate yourself and generally to keep pace with the times.

    Specifically, each seminar is:
    • access to unique classes (programs) from the best business coaches in the world;
    • a new building block in the Foundation of your business;
    • step by step instructions on what to do next or how to solve a specific problem;
    • innovative ideas to develop a personalized business development strategies;
    • detailed recommendations how, what, where and with whom to do to earn good money;
    • the opportunity to learn how to revive your business;
    • the opportunity to learn and gain the most current knowledge without interrupting their "production";
    • personal communication with successful people;
    • and most importantly – the opportunity to significantly INCREASE your income by implementing the knowledge gained.

    "Create the business system and enjoy your earned money"
    John Rockefeller

    You need to drop everything and sign up for the seminar if...

    • You feel pressured squirrel in a wheel. Once you have at least 1 day break from their work/business, there is trouble.
    • You are developing "how to" without the system, "the flow", so material and moral satisfaction from the work slightly above freezing.
    • You are stuck there, stuck in the zone of questionable service and are simply afraid to leave this quiet, but quite hopeless to the harbour.
    • You have absolutely no remains (or too little) time for personal life, family and Hobbies. All the time eats up the work.
    • You can not or do not want to delegate responsibility in its structure, used to do all the work for all and control every step of their subordinates.
    • Unsure about the future of the business.
    • You are missing "crush" and there is no place to draw inspiration for new achievements.
    • You just want to earn 2, 3, 5 or 10 times more.
    • Success, freedom, wealth – all this nowhere else will tell as seminars on International Business Academy IBA . Use, implement, grow!

      The most important thing that makes following the workshop, each student of the Academy, is a unique knowledge, a case of effective tools for earning money and inner satisfaction with themselves and their business. In addition, all participants receive an official document (diploma, certificate) confirming the completion of business coaching.

    What to do after the training?
    To ACT, and at once!

    Believe me, after such an active "shake-up" and clear recommendations
    can't wait to try out new techniques and methods.
    The results will not keep itself waiting – see for yourself!

    "Think about how to earn 50 000 per month. Possible. Less is impossible!"
    John Rockefeller