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    Чита-Семинар, Life is Good, Роман Василенко

    15 - 18 May 2015 in Chita!

    Welcome to the international Basic seminar of the company "Life is Good", which will take place may 15th-18th, 2015 in the capital of the Zabaikalsky Region Chita!

    May 10, applications indicating name, date, time and flight number should be sent to

    The seminar will be attended by:

    • The President of the company Life is Good;
    • The head of the Vienna office of the company Life is Good, the head of Department on work with the Eastern European market HYPO LANDESBANK VORARLBERG, master Olga Hoenigschnabl;
    • The Board of the housing cooperative is the best way;
    • The company's leaders will share their professional experience and read fascinating and informative lectures;
    The cost of the seminar:

    • The cost of the workshop without accommodation will be 3000 rubles;
    • Hotel Mont Blanc - the seminar venue and accommodation of the lecturers. The cost of 2 bed rooms: 5550 rubles;
    • Hotel Grand city centre near the railway station, the cost of 2 bed rooms 2600 rubles.
    Uniform International Basic Seminar:

    • Conference: a strict business style, men obligatory tie.
    • Gala dinner: reserve Servicemen of military dress uniform. Men - suit, white shirt, tie. Ladies - evening dress to the floor.
    • Seminar Director: Lilya Shcherbakova
    • For questions, please contact: tel: +7 914 4333300, or e-mail
    Евгений Чайчук - Life is Good
    Вячеслав Короткевич - Life is Good

    The workshop program
    May 15: - Check in the hotel
    16 May: - International Basic Seminar at Life is Good
    May 17: - International Basic Seminar at Life is Good
    May 17: - Gala dinner "Officers ' ball"
    May 18: - Check out