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    What is the career in "traditional" companies?

    This age-old personal struggles with colleagues and not always fair competition for space with a bigger salary and a more prestigious position.

    What is the career in your own company?

    This full personal responsibility for their team and for their cash investments. It is the willingness to be a pioneer and to assume all risks when the probabilities are 50/50 that the efforts you have made will lead to success.

    What is a career in the company "Life Is Good"?

    1. It is work in a large team of like-minded people, where all are equal conditions and where you can always count on the support. There is no need to "compete" with each other, because there is an unlimited opportunity for growth, and "posts" and money enough for all.

    2. If every company "for itself","Life Is Good" new member since the beginning of cooperation and as you reach a new level receives full support from their sponsor (Manager) and his colleagues. Information materials, training programs, tips from professionals – all this will be available to you always.

    3. You don't have to risk their money. No need to put on a special theoretical training. No need to quit your regular work (unless you want) – you will work and earn from the first day, in your terms, in a comfortable environment and place.

    You ask yourself the rhythm of work, set goals and manage your time and business
    – a "Life Is Good" creates all conditions for your prosperity.