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    03 - 06 April 2015 in UFA!

    From 3rd to 6th April 2015. in Ufa will host the international Basic Seminar company Life is Good with an additional workshop for Managers.

    1) the cost of the seminar 2700 rubles. You can pay into the account in alpha Bank 40817810408940004331 Nalivan Anatoly Viktorovich
    2) 50 Euros. You can pay at the expense of VISTA (VST-20140805-000037-978 phone +79174454808)

    The address of the hotel "Versailles": Ufa, Flour mill, St. Elevator 13 (20 minutes from the airport).

    Applications for those who need to send in advance so that the organizers could book rooms in nearby hotels as anyone need.

    The workshop program
    April 3: - Check-in at hotels
    April 4: 12:00 Meeting of heads of
    13:00-18:00 International Basic Seminar "Life is Good" in the Golden hall of the hotel "Versailles"
    1. Presentation of the company Life is Good and its partners
    2. "Best Way"
    3. Financial product VISTA
    15:30-16:00 Coffee break
    4. Quarry company Life is Good
    19:00-21:00 Gala dinner for all participants (pilaf, shish kebab), congratulations to all employees on the successful completion of the first day of the seminar.
    21:00-00:00 Evening entertainment (disco) at the hotel "Versailles".
    April 5: 12:00-15:00 International Basic Seminar "Life is Good" in the Golden hall of the hotel "Versailles"
    1. The path to the client
    2. Career Director

    19:00-02:00 Presidential gala "Gala dinner" the company Life is Good (involves only employees who made at least one sale).
    April 6: - Learning from international business Academy IBA for employees who made personal 300 units or more in the company Life is Good (participants who fulfilled all the requirements, company paid accommodation for 1 night, meals, seminar). The training will be attended only by the staff who made 300 personal units Life is Good and more. Each workshop participant a personal gift from the President of the company Life is Good!
    - Gala dinner
    7 April: - Check out