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    New year's Congress will take place on 9 – 10 January 2016 in Moscow.

    This new year's eve Gala Ball, which will take part and will train the most popular business coaches in the World, will show the master-class the most successful leaders of the company, the results will be reviewed and awards will be presented to all consultants who received awards in 2014 and in 2015, they will be invited on stage and face thousands of audience will additionally be recognized with a special award "the best employee of the year!".

    The President of the company Life is Good Ltd. - Roman Vasilenko, a video message for the upcoming new year the First Congress in 2016.

    To become a participant of the Congress you must have a Ticket-pass with the unique QR code and passport.

    A sample of a ticket:

    Purchase passes to the Congress:

    1) a Ticket is automatically generated (purchased) when repayment of the activation fee VISTA-accounts (on the website of the company HERMES Management Ltd., if the account is registered after 01.01.2015 the ticket will be in personal account Management HERMES in the "24/7 Operation", section "Tickets to the Congress". The ticket can at any time print.

    2) At any time you can buy unlimited number of tickets for their friends, partners, relatives, friends. It is enough in the personal account in the section "tickets for the Congress" to make a purchase online paying with VISTA account. Ticket list will be maintained all the time in your personal office.

    Cost and payment:

    For those wishing to live in the hotel where the event will take place, it is possible to book places at a reduced price.
    The rate from 8 to 11 January with Breakfast (three nights) in a double room is 6 000 rubles per person, single occupancy 12 000.
    I ask leaders to submit a list of accommodation and to pay for their employees until November 30, 2015. The number of seats at a reduced price is limited.

    Lists must be sent to the email address of company Director Life is Good Evgenia Chaychuk (

    Location of Convention 2016:

    The hotel "Korston" in Moscow on the Sparrow hills.

    Отель Корстон - Конгресс Life is Good

    You may make payment in the following ways:

    1) to the Bank account of Alfa-Bank (RUB 6000 or 12 000 rubles):

    Full name: Eugene O. Zaichuk
    Account number: 40817810604780052198 (RUR)

    2) at the expense of Vista (100 Euro or 200 Euro):

    Evgeny Chaychuk, the score VST-20150727-004828-978, phone 79618011801.