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    "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are" – the truth uttered even in 480 BC the Greek poet Euripides. This is a fair and proven for thousands of years statement can be paraphrased and from a business point of view – "tell me who your partners are and I will tell you what your chances of success."

    All employees of the consulting company "Life Is Good" are doomed to material well-being and prosperity, as partners of the company are outstanding representatives of the world companies business:

    • authoritative analytical company;
    • recognized experts in the field of personal growth;
    • organizations with unquestioned authority and a unique comprehensive experience of training specialists in the field of economic and financial asset management
    • enterprises that actively use modern financial tools and methods of doing business.

    Earn, save and multiply your financial capital is not an easy task. You can purchase financial experience – by trial and error over many years. Or use the already accumulated experience and proven technology.

    The company "Life Is Good" has extensive business connections and, in addition to my own experience, is ready to offer the help of its official partners. Professional consulting support in solving various financial problems along with "Life Is Good" you ready to provide:

    • The financial-analytical company "HERMES" is providing a wide range of mediation services in international markets.
    • Bob Doyle (Bob Doyle), the world - famous business coach and co-author of the famous book and movie "the Secret" (the Secret).
      Its purpose is to show people how to develop their capabilities and learn how to turn their dreams into reality. Applying in my own life knowledge about the Law of attraction, Bob has managed to become successful and create a happy and harmonious life for themselves and their families.
      "Everyone has the opportunity to be the best!" - Bob Doyle.
    • Alan Pease, writer, psychologist, one of the highest paid business coaches in the world, the man, whose works are popular science programs (including programs of the air force).
    • International Business Academy IBA , the worldwide known educational institution in which is taught exclusively by experts who have successful experience in global corporations. Upon completion of the training course (seminars) students receive international certificates.
    • Housing Cooperative "Best Way ", offering the most advantageous method of purchasing property in Russia and abroad.
    • Publishing house "Eksmo" — one of the two largest publishing companies in Russia. The publishing house was founded in 1991 and Quickly became the market leaders, thanks to the collaboration with popular authors such as Alexandra Marinina, Ilya Derevyanko, Daria Dontsova. Among the famous series of the publishing house — "Ironic detective", "Black kitten", "the Golden series of poetry" and others.
    • The official certificate of partnership of the company "Life is Good Ltd. and International intellectual club "Nontrivial Club" signed by Master of game "What? Where? When?" - Alexander Druz.
    • 4th of July 2016. held a training Ron Jensen, signed a partnership agreement and awarding of the certificate.

    "Life Is Good" – work with professionals