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    Сертификат партнерства Рона Дженсона и Life is Good

    4th of July 2016. held a training Ron Jensen, signed a partnership agreement and awarding of the certificate.

    Рон Дженсон и Роман Василенко - Life is Good

    Dr. Ron Jenson is the author and speaker of international renown in the field of leadership and life success. He is the Director of the largest company engaged in the development of solutions in the field of personal problems and problems associated with leadership in business.

    His company, called “Future advances”, has an extensive educational programme, which is successfully sold in 40 countries. It is intended for those who want to succeed in life by creating harmony between business, family and personal growth.

    Ron Jenson is well known in the USA under the name American Life coach, which is a natural extension of his life and work. His doctoral thesis, devoted to the issues of leadership, based on the interview taken by Ron Jensen at 350 world leaders, the findings of which form the basis of more than 24 books written by the author.

    Every year Ron Jenson speaks to hundreds of thousands of people in many countries. Only in the last few years has sold more than 1 million of his audio programs.