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    February 22-23, 2016 in Samara!
    МБС Life is Good в Самаре 2016

    Welcome to the international Basic seminar of the company "Life is Good", which will take place on 22 and 23 February 2016 in Samara!

    The seminar venue: Hotel green Line address: Samara Ul . The Soviet Army 251 case 3

    The cost without accommodation: 2500 RUB ( hot lunch, gala dinner, training two days coffee break).

    Price with accommodation in hotel green Line +1500 rubles per day, for a total of 4000 rubles (accommodation, two hot lunch, coffee break, Breakfast the next day, a gala dinner with disco and live entertainment)

    A request for a workshop with your name and date of arrival and departure close to 18февраля email:



    Dress code:

    The seminar – strict English style:

    men: dark suit, white shirt, tie, dress shoes;
    ladies: business dress or simply Trouser suit, a classic closed shoes;

    Payment of ISD must be made before February 15:

    The account of Sberbank 4276540015534856 Serdyukov Raisa Dmitrievna 4000 rubles, 2500 rubles without accommodation.

    Or the VISTA VST-20141125-001604-978 tel 79276003863 - 50€


    Arrival and registration 22.02 C11-12.00, lunch for hotel guests C12-12.50, at 13.00 the start of MBS, two lectures, coffee breaks, two lectures, work in the structures, with Galuzin 19.00 disco and live entertainment at the restaurant
    Second day Breakfast to residents at 10:00 ISD training, two lectures, work in the structures and planning 13:00 lunch for all and check out the hotel

    The Gala dinner will play saxophone and sing the former guitarist of group "Butyrka" - Sergey Zorski.

    The head of ISD, Director Radik Akhmatdinov +79276003863 responsible - structural supervisor Raisa Serdyukov tel +79272941614